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Learning Pods

What Are Learning Pods?

Learning pods, otherwise known as microschools or pandemic pods, are small groups of children who are taught together as an alternative to school. The popularity of learning pods has surged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because they enable kids to continue their school curriculum without having to risk spending time in large class sizes.

Learning Pods

As the world adapts to COVID-19, many parents are faced with the prospect of sending their kids back to school. For families who don't want to risk their children returning to class, homeschooling is an option — but this isn't a possibility for everyone. 

If you're an essential worker or working from home, it's simply not practical for you to teach your kids at the same time as supporting your family financially. At our daycare center, we don't think anyone should have to choose between keeping their children safe and continuing their education. 

That's why we're now offering learning pods — small groups of school-aged kids that can learn together without having to return to school. 


If you're worried about your children returning to school but don't want them to miss out on their education, learning pods could be the ideal solution. 

Our learning pods are available up to second grade and contain 12 kids or fewer, making them roughly half the size of an average American class. Not only is this safer during the pandemic, but it also means that every child receives high-quality care. 

Want to find out more about our learning pods or book a place for your child? Get in touch with our daycare center today. Our team will be happy to discuss how we can support your kids through these unexpected times. 


How Can Learning Pods Help My Kids?

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